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Welcome to the Training Lodge Empty Welcome to the Training Lodge

Post by Stella on Mon Feb 10, 2014 11:08 am

Surrounded densely by trees stands a small cabin.

There are 4 rooms altogether, 2 bedrooms (One for the girls, one for the boys), a bathroom and a living room with small kitchen attached.
Not too far away is an onsen, which you will probably visit after training each day to relax, payment for the week came with the lodge. It's mixed gender, but you don't have a problem with that, do you? (There are rarely any other people there anyway)

The fridge came un-stocked, but Shiro brought enough food for the week. No pigging out or you may have to starve for the last few days should it run out. (Or spend money you may or may not have brought with you to buy food from the onsen)

Lanterns are spread out around the area, because the trees are dense enough to block out most of the moon at night.

The cabin is stocked very lightly, 2 beds in the bedrooms, the usual items in the bathroom, fridge, stove and oven, plus a TV with only the basic channels but a blue-ray player and a couple of movies and books on the shelf.
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